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Hi! I'm Neens and this is The Light Room. I was diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder - SAD - in 2003 and have been managing it since. I set up this blog to provide information, advice and support for other sufferers of SAD and Winter Blues/Winter Depression, their friends, family, colleagues and employers.

Pinch and a punch… time to shake off those SAD blahs?

Hello! We’ve made it to March – finally! icon smile Pinch and a punch... time to shake off those SAD blahs?

If like me, you’ve been struggling with your Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or Winter Blues symptoms then please join me in doing a little victory dance!

daffodil 1024x1024 Pinch and a punch... time to shake off those SAD blahs?

I wasn’t prepared for struggling with my symptoms again.  Every single year I seem to forget that I find February the most difficult month.  My light therapy lamp helps, but a busy schedule at work – so not getting out in natural daylight – doesn’t!  I know this and yet I still opt to eat at my desk, thinking ‘I’ve nothing I need to go out for’!  Sound familiar?  How’ve you been doing with your symptoms this year?

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New Year reflecting and planning: as a SAD sufferer do you wait or do it now?

Hello there!  Happy New Year! icon smile New Year reflecting and planning: as a SAD sufferer do you wait or do it now?

IMG 20131217 084421 300x300 New Year reflecting and planning: as a SAD sufferer do you wait or do it now?How do you feel around this time of year?  Are you looking back on the last year with satisfaction, eagerly anticipating the coming year?  Or maybe you’re glad to see the back of 2013?  Do you feel anxious about what 2014 has in store?

This time of the year is traditionally associated with reflection and making resolutions.  But whether that is a positive or negative experience for you seems to depend less on what has actually passed – more on your attitude.  And if you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), Winter Blues or other depressive or anxiety conditions, then your attitude to both past and future might be influenced by this.

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Life gets in the way… and re-framing

Hello stranger!

Oh, wait!  Nope – it’s me that’s been away, isn’t it?  I really hope you’re doing okay and that this summer has helped you feel better?  Have you started hunkering down for autumn yet?  I can barely believe we’re into October and I’m looking at how few posts I’ve added this year and feeling guilty.  I’m really sorry that I haven’t kept to my original intention to post every few weeks.  I’ve strayed pretty far from that goal this year, haven’t I? icon sad Life gets in the way... and re framing

I was discussing the reasons for this with a friend a few months ago and he encouraged me to be honest and dare to be a little more personal in my posts.  I haven’t taken his advice until now because, being honest, life’s been manic and I haven’t been in a good place to write.  It’s also a bit scary because I don’t want to be too personal or come across as self-indulgent without giving you something of use.  That’s not the point of this blog.  But having said that, I did say I would offer a more personal perspective on living with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

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Weather aversion therapy for SAD!


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Hi everyone! I hope that your SAD or Winter Blues symptoms are starting to ease now with the longer days and the sunnier weather we’ve been enjoying recently?  Have you been experiencing any hypomania? I have been so busy that … Continue reading

Welcome to spring 2013… now can we PLEASE have some warmth?!

“Spring Anticipation Anti-climax”.

It’s a great term coined by my lovely colleague Lynda and never so true as this year.  So we’ve arrived at 20 March 2013 and it’s apparently the first day of spring.  Where, where, where is the lovely warm sunshine then?

wpid IMAG0618 1 1 Welcome to spring 2013... now can we PLEASE have some warmth?!Hands up if you think the British weather owes us a decent summer this year, after last year’s wettest on record, a long winter and slow-burn spring?  No, scrap that.  Not slow-burn; I’m not even considering that spring’s actually getting started yet – it still feels like we’re firmly stuck in winter mode!

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